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Formerly developed in the United States, the concept of futures-based risk management dates was based on agricultural products. Today, the unmatched level of futures trading all over the world reflects its accepted and crucial role as a hedging, investing, speculating or portfolio diversification tool.

With over 2 decades of know-how in the global futures and financial markets, Century has been recognized as a pioneering Company in providing quality client services for global, exchange traded derivatives; Interest Rate, Equity, Energy, Metals, Agricultural and Foreign Currency futures as well as Over-the-Counter Derivatives markets.


Individuals, Corporation and Institutions that make use of Energy futures and Options markets in global trading and risk management can gain from Centurys years of experience of trading in energy products. Our involvement with the administrative desks in London and New York serve as our growing client base of manufacturers, suppliers, fund managers, institutional hedgers and speculators.

Our energy professionals focus on strategies based on their expertise in — Futures, Options and Spreads to lower the odds with regards to adverse price movements in crude oil, heating oil, gas and natural gas. CFBs capacity for retracting earlier tested hedge strategies and their outcomes serve as valuable information when it comes to managing price risk.

Century offers practical advice on hedging techniques, client service and on-time order execution. Investors, who take part in the Energy futures market, receive a daily recap of trades, statements, trade reconciliation, cash movements and exchange delivery procedures. Clients are encouraged to converse on a regular basis with our specialists in the energy markets.

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