Century Financial Brokers




CFB maintains its distinct identity in two ways based on its experience and active participation in the Foreign Exchange market

By offering multiple currency trading to investors and traders to benefit from existing opportunities
By focusing on client order flow rather than taking directional positions for its own account; not competing with our clients has made CFB a natural choice to a wide array of foreign exchange investors.
In addition CFB allows 24-hour trading facility coverage of all major and most minor currencies, including spot, forwards and options.


Foreign Exchange Prime Brokerage facilities offered

The opportunity to profit from the world’s largest market
Margin trading with very low margin rate of 1% — of Gold & Currencies all throughout the day and weekends including holidays
Leverage your investment up to 100 times
Spot Forex, OTC options and forward outrights
Trading from your desktop or notebooks on live tradable prices
Trading on 25 currency pairs — majors and crosses
Instant execution of trades
Low Bid/Ask spreads and competitive commissions
Spot gold and Spot Silver

All foreign exchange facilities are updated by our systems and infrastructure resources, which include Application-based & Web-based access to live pricing, reporting and margin monitoring.

Trade online directly

Our Forex trading platform enables you to trade Forex all through the day, along with our other investment products from a single integrated platform. Our Software offer live prices, statements of account, market information and all the tools you need to achieve a profitable trade.

Spot gold and Spot Silver

Apart from CFB’s remarkable range of Forex currency crosses, we offer direct spot trading of Spot Gold and Spot Silver on live tradable prices, 24 hours a day.

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